Psychology Week


The Psychology Week is an activity organized by the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work together with the Association-Commission of Psychology Students. The spirit of this initiative is to carry out an academic activity designed and organized by the students taking the Degree in Psychology. Therefore, the majority of topics and speakers, as well as its structure are determined by the Psychology Students Commission together with a representation of professors of the Degree in Psychology and the Deanery. In this regard, issues are discussed that are not dealt with in such fullness in the curriculum of the degree, but with scientific precision combined with a high degree of innovation.

In general, the Week of Psychology consists of several activities carried out during a particular week. In previous editions cine-forums, conferences and workshops in different fields have been used, but all with the commonality of psychology as the main focus. Thus, all speakers are working, professional psychologists. In addition, registration for the Week of Psychology is also open for psychology professionals as well as students and professionals from other disciplines.

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