World Social Work Day


The third Tuesday of March the World Social Work Day is celebrated. It is a day with a common theme that brings together social work professionals, students and teachers.

It was the World Assembly in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), held in 2008, where it was unanimously decided to set this date with a confluence of joint activities held by three associations: International Federation of Social Workers (FITS-IFSW), International Association of Social Work Schools (AIETS-IASSW) and the International Committee for Social Welfare (CIBS-ICSW).

This date commemorates the commitment, contribution and work of professionals that have first-hand knowledge of the reality of social change, leaders of the change and social intervention.

It is an annual opportunity for all social work organizations to promote their role and profession.

The UdL, together with the Professional Social Work Association, organizes an annual event to commemorate this day.